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Christian hevin

Biography and main exibits.

Drawing and painting have been with me for a long time...maybe even long before! Some apprenticeships, through Fine Arts and other art schools, taught me that I still had to learn. Learning that painting or sculpture alone decides and sometimes if all goes well... reveals to us. If some artists like Jacques Carelman or Vera Molnàr guided me involuntarily, others more inaccessible influenced me or helped me to pursue an endless journey through internal journeys... thank you Zao Wou Ki, Soulages, Chu Teh chun , Tapiès, Hartung and others.

Lille     Galerie Koko
Hellemmes - Lille    Espace Acacias
St Amand     Casino Le Pasino
Tourcoing     Hospice d’Avré
Villeneuve d’Ascq    Université Telecon Lille 1
Lille    Galerie Artdies
Lille     Galerie l’Incartade
Lille    Palais Rihour, salon des indépendants
Changchun, Chine     China international sculpture symposium
Mouscron, Belgique     Salon d’automne, Cercle Royal Artistique
Mouscron , Belgique    Galerie Fabienne Delmotte
Hellemmes     Semaine culturelle d’hiver
Epernay    Médiathèque centrale
La Madeleine     Le Millénium
Le Touquet    Trophée Godon - Parc des expositions
Lille     Galerie Artdies
Marcq-en-Baroeul     Espace St Joseph
Marcq-en-Baroeul     La Corderie


Paris 4ème     Galerie Carré d’Artistes
Amsterdam, Pays Bas     Galerie Carré d’ Artistes
Doha, Qatar     The Gate Mall, ArtFix gallery
Koweit    Galerie carré d'artistes (2017)
Lille    Salon Solid’art, Palais Rameau
Plougrescan, Bretagne     Manoir de Kergrec’h
Moscou , Russie     Galerie Carré d’artistes ( 02/2017)
Paris     Galerie "la galerie"
St Germain en Laye     Galerie Carré d’artistes
Lille     Galerie Carré d’artistes
Dijon     Galerie Carré d’artistes
Strasbourg     Galerie Carré d’artistes


Collections privées    en France, Europe, New York, Chine,
Qatar    Hotel Westin *****


Carré d'Artistes

it is an international gallery (paris,moscow etc)where y permanently exibit

Artistes contemporains

first site dedicated to contemporary artist


site dedicated to contemporary artists


site dedicated to contemporary artists

Interview on "you tube"

meeting with the painter Christian Hévin

Oct 25, 2021

"her and me" in video

workshop in video